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upholstery, upholstery, furniture repairs, furniture restoration, cabinetry, beds, upholstered beds, blankets, fabric coating, textiles, coatings, decorations, interiors

Upholstery work

Upholstery of antique furniture
  • classical method (springs)
  • modern method

Upholstery of modern furniture

  • piece-suites, armchairs, chairs, divans, pouffes, sofabeds, easy chairs…
  • gym equipment, rehabilitative couches, medical chairs…

Upholstery – Padded doors
  • sound-insulation
  • heat-insulation

  • car upholstery (we have long-standing experience with upholstering hearses for inland and foreign customers)
  • upholstery of motorcycles seats
  • upholstery of ship interiors

We have more than 1000 fabric patterns, cow-hides, imitation leather, inland materials and materials from foreign countries.

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